State-of-the-art adapted solutions
for your tests

in various materials

New products

Sensor data interpretation software
Specific software for LABPRO machines allowing the creation and execution of tests according to the standards
Centralized management platform for all your test tools and data
Scale with data capture software

Our offers

To meet your challenges, we offer you...

The range of instruments


A complete line of Canadian-made universal testing machines

The software suite


For measurement, data acquisition and to generate all your test reports

The solutions


Specific solutions for composite panels

The sensors and the


An opening on your measures

All your


Sensors, jaws, extensometers and more

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software to extend your testing capabilities
Calibration and maintenance of your instruments and software
and analysis
of your needs

Our services

In addition to offering a full range of products, we specialize in consulting, coaching, tool creation and calibration services.

Our expertise

Leader in the industry

Lab Integration offers a complete line of products and services to meet all material analysis needs. Our complete line of testing machines is complemented by a variety of accessories such as load cells, extensometers, jaws and other fixtures. We also offer unique software based on SQL information processing for easier and more flexible data analysis.

With our diverse expertise, we can provide you with a complete testing solution that includes not only equipment and software, but also calibration, training and ongoing service.

Specialists in advanced solutions

Our many years of experience in meeting the needs of our clients in various fields of activity have allowed us to be at the forefront in the development of new and effective solutions. We are proud to share our knowledge to meet your testing needs of all kinds.
Iso 17025 accredited

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Our values


We strive to meet your needs; your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

We make it our duty to respect our corporate values, but also your values in all our business relationships.
We always offer you products and services with the latest and most advantageous technology.
We believe in the quality and reliability of our products and services.
We are continuously acquiring new knowledge to remain a leader in the field of materials analysis.

Our values allow us to establish our priorities and guide our daily decisions and actions